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Katie’s Story
Let God’s Light Shine In Me
by Sarah J. Cobb and Katie Cobb

Stories of people who live by faith often incite spiritual growth, whether recorded in the Bible or shared across the room. In the same way, Katie’s Story inspires a life lived closer to God. It is full of pain and joy, doubt and hope, fear and faith. It is so very full of light.

Katie’s Story is the true story of Katie Cobb – who she was, how she fought cancer, and the depth of her faith. The story alternates between the voice of Katie, a 14-year-old girl who battled Hodgkin Lymphoma, and the voice of her mother, Sarah. Instead of just knowing about Katie, you will come to really know her through their words. You will read from the pages of her journals as you walk through her difficult journey, and you will witness a relationship with God that brings hope. The story of Katie’s life is revealed in her own words: Let God’s light shine in me.


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About the Author

Sarah Cobb

Sarah J. Cobb is the wife of one and mother of five. By day, she promotes health and wellness as a Family Nurse Practitioner. By night, she operates various pieces of heavy equipment, such as the dishwasher, stove and washing machine. If she could have any superpower, it would be to never need sleep. If calories didn’t count, she would eat fresh bread and real butter for every meal. She is a pastor’s wife and her husband’s biggest fan, but she hates stereotypes, so she will warn you up front that she may not be what you expect her to be. However, she is okay with that and so is Jesus. They have already talked about it.

Sarah’s passion is connecting women to women while simultaneously pointing them to Jesus, and she currently leads a ministry to women of all ages at River Ridge Church. In her pockets of time, she writes and blogs in hope that the things God reveals to her may somehow be helpful to others. Sarah is always excited to connect and share God’s story with other women. Offer her a cup of tea or a power workout and she’s there. She loves discipleship and small groups and is also available for large group speaking.

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